Located in the beautiful Champlain Valley of northwestern Vermont, our firm has been in practice since 1994. At the core of our diverse portfolio is our effort to build the strength of communities. We have been active in sustainable construction throughout our careers. We strive to make buildings durable, useful, adaptable, appropriate in scale and appropriate to site while delighting in making them beautiful. A sustaining thread in our work is the integration of a project with its surrounding community. A project should enhance the environment or community with which it co-exists.

Firm History
Although Bast & Rood Architects was not established until 1994, Rob Bast & Mac Rood have collaborated on building projects, business ventures and teaching assignments since 1973. Our practice is complemented by prior experience in construction, sustainable design, civil and structural engineering, project development and management, and the teaching of design and building. Our work has included commercial, municipal, educational and residential projects. The individuals who make our firm are:

Robert S. Bast, RA-
NH registration #2147, VT registration #1732, CT registration #10479

L. Macrae Rood, RA-
VT registration #1508, PA registration #RA015492B,
NCARB Registration #35973 (facilitates reciprocity with all 50 states),
NY registration re-activated on demand

What We Believe
Our goal is to create buildings that, in one hundred years, will be worthy of preservation; a goal applied as easily to a utilitarian barn as to a showcase civic building. The criteria for achieving such a goal are diverse: beauty, durability, compatibility with the built and natural environment, adaptability to changing uses, economy of use, and the ability to make a positive contribution to the community within which they are built. A well designed building should serve its programmed purpose, reinforce existing communities, be sustainable from an environmental perspective, and finally be inspirational in a way that leads its users to be more productive and happy.

Nature of Our Practice
An architectural practice should be versatile and eclectic in order to keep solutions fresh and free of the formulaic solutions inherent in overspecialization. Accordingly, we have worked on municipal buildings, medical facilities, schools, ceremonial structures, office buildings, grocery stores, hotels, bakeries and residential projects as well as on projects only peripherally related to architecture, including development and planning, infrastructure such as sewer projects, hydroelectric power plants and product design such as bathroom components and composting toilets.

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