Strengths of the Firm
A design is like a tripod, each of whose legs is essential for support. The three legs of design are structural integrity, accommodation of purpose, and beauty (a concept proposed 2000 years ago by the Roman architect Vitruvius). Bast & Rood Architects has made it our mission to pay equal attention to all three legs of the tripod. We believe that the strength of our firm is our ability to apply this balanced approach to the design process.

Structural Integrity
It goes without saying that a successful building stands up, but truly understanding a building’s structure leads to clear organization, economical construction, and a harmony that follows from not forcing a building’s materials to do more than they are meant to. Robert Bast’s formal training in structural engineering, and the partners’ empirical understanding of structure derived from construction experience, allows Bast & Rood to focus on a structural system that makes the best use of available materials.

Accommodation of Purpose
Every building has a purpose, supplied by the owner, which should be accommodated through good design. A thorough analysis of the program will identify and prioritize the owner’s goals, which may include:
-Accommodation of specific populations or activities (grocery sales, wind turbine manufacture, kindergarten education etc,)
-Building for a specific budget
-Showcasing of particular products or materials
-Compliance with laws and regulations
Some programmatic requirements are universal, such as:
-Comfort of building occupants
-Energy efficiency
We have skills in budgeting, energy and resource analysis, scheduling, project organization and permitting and code analysis which will assist the client in navigating his or her way through the development maze.

Beauty is the most subjective attribute of a good design and the most difficult to quantify. But, it is absolutely an equal leg of the “design tripod”. A building that is not pleasing to the eye is not likely to be preserved nor is it likely to retain its value. It is not going to be a comfort to live or work in. Fortunately, beauty can be designed into any building. It is not a function of any particular style. Any architectural style can be executed well or can be butchered. Bast & Rood will work in whatever style or look that the owner desires, trying our best to infuse it with the art that will make it a building of which the owner can be proud.

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