Our Portfolio
Bast & Rood Architects will gladly accept projects of any size. The largest project we have worked on is a 350,000 square foot hotel. No project is too small. Most of our projects are in Vermont and New Hampshire, although we regularly work in Southern New England and in New York. We will work anywhere, limited only by the logistical and financial requirements of the project. We particularly enjoy difficult projects that require an unconventional approach.

Construction Types
We are familiar with all the various construction types commonly used in the northeast, as well as a few others. Structural steel frame, wood “stick” frame, timber frame, masonry bearing wall construction, cast-in-place concrete and adobe are a few of the construction types that we have designed into buildings. The selection of construction type is influenced by economics, code, aesthetics, and material or labor availability.

Working with Us
Our working relationship with a client is determined through a process of discussion and negotiation. Our services and fees are tailored to the requirements of the project. On most projects we prefer to work under a fixed contract price, but we can also work on an hourly basis, especially at the beginning, before the scope of work is clearly defined. Once the scope of work is clear, we can convert to a contract price.

A client’s primary contact at Bast & Rood will be with one of the partners, although a team of designers will likely work on the project. We pride ourselves on providing services on budget with few surprises. If there are extra costs for extra services, they must be approved in advance by the client.


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