Pollux Hestia House

Mac Rood
Site Description
Fuller Hill, Warren, Vermont
General Contractor
Mac Rood
Building Area
1,400 sq ft
Project Cost
Year Completed


The goal of this project was to experiment with modular design. The components of this house are 14 feet wide and can be trucked on the highway. We tried to build with enough quality to justify continual expansion and improvement, thus reversing the inevitable depreciation of most housing designed to be trucked. The “double high” arrangement instead of the usual “double wide”, allows for these additions through a cascade of roofs which are not possible on a low eaved house. The interior of the house is designed as would be a boat interior. Efficient use of space is required in a small house.Since the house is one room wide, by rotating or mirror-imaging the plan, it is suitable to virtually any site. Custom design is focused on the elements which join the house to the site, such as porches, decks, out buildings and barns


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