Hinesburg Cemetery Gatehouse


Town of Hinesburg
Site Description
Hinesburg Village, Vermont
Landscape Design
Paul Wieczoreck
Structural - Phelps Engineering
Special Skills
Mason - David Newton
Specialty Metal Work - Giroux Body Shop
Architectual Stained Glass - Lawrence Ribbecke
Building Area
300 sq ft
Project Cost
Year Completed


In 1999-2000, the town on Hinesburg developed a new municipal water system. Located along the route of the main, the village cemetery was the only municipal property which could serve as a location for a pump station. The building had to accommodate both the pump and the monitoring equipment necessary to pump the water uphill to a new storage tank. Rather than accept an incongruous utlity building, we conceived the idea of a cemetery gatehouse; a building that would enhance, rather than compete with or distract from, the cemetery entrance.

The building is massed into the hillside to minimize bulk. A 16-foot square plan was the least area required for the equipment. The retaining wall adjacent to the road served internally to mount values and pumps, saving valuable floor space. The use of a timeless waterstruck brick, the locally-quarried gray stone quoins, cedar rafter extensions and trim, and a terne roof speak to the dignity of the location. The quarter plan tower carries the stained glass window, for which we did an original design. The planes of the tower ascend from the mgnificient gate with increasing pitch to the peak. The gate, made of sandblasted steel, was a triumph. We worked in an older vocabulary, with a sense of proportion and scale, to make the building fit both its modern need, and its ecumenical role.

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