Controlled Energy Corporation

Controlled Energy Corporation
Kingsbury Construction, Inc.
Site Description
Mad River Valley, Vermont
Project Description
Headquarters with offices and distribution facility
Structural System
Heavy Timber
General Contractor
DEW Corporation
Building Area
7,500 sqft
Project Cost
Year Completed


The Controlled Energy Corporation (CEC) approached Bast & Rood to design a new building to house their corporate headquarters. The company, which markets energy efficient instantaneous water heaters required an office and distribution facility which would showcase their focus on energy conservation. The superinsulated building incorporates a natural ventilation system which eliminates the need for air conditioning. Careful control of solar gain through moveable external shades reduces the need for cooling in the summer. The heavy timber structure was milled from locally grown trees and the system was optimized for efficiency and economy. Carpeting is made from recycled material and was purchased from a company which will reclaim the carpet for recycling when it wears out.

Time and money were issues which concerned the client. In order to expidiate completion of the building and keep the construction costs to a minimum, the architect recommended that DEW be hired early in the design process in a construction management format. This approach brings the owner, architect and builder together as a team for the entire project, and provides for monitoring of the construction budget throughout the design process and for efficient problem solving during construction.
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