Bast-Carlsmith Residence


Robert Bast & Laura Calsmith
Site Description
Hinesburg, Vermont
Project Description
Single Family House
Building Area
2,000 sq ft
Year Completed

This Partner’s house has served as a forum for ideas about small houses. It relies on the historic lessons of proportion for its continuity, but there are some twists. For example, it has a very clear front, but no clear back; if the boundaries of the house are not orthogonal, the ability to perceive the smallness of the structure is limited. Thoughtful features include daylighting in every room, excellent insulation, a gracious porch and generous closets. A recycled ceiling of beaded wainscotting graces the circular porch.
P.O. Box 220 Hinesburg, Vermont USA 05461 (P) 802-482-5200 (F) 802-482-3953
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