Pitcher Inn


Win & Maggie Smith
Site Description
Main Street in Warren Village, Vermont
Associate Architect
Sellers & Co.
Structural - Richard Doherty, P.E.
Electrical & Mechanical - EA3 Engineersx
General Contractor
Harold Austin Building, Inc.
Building Area
18,000 sq ft including Barn Annex
Year Completed

Winner of the AIA Vermont “Excellence in Architecture” for work completed in the last fifty years.
The Pitcher Inn was a joint venture with the Sellers & Co. Our firm became involved with the project when it stalled in the permitting process and was subsequently abandoned by the owner. Mac Rood purchased an option on the project, and as temporary owner, he resolved outstanding permit issues through out-of-court negotiation. Following the permit resolution, we reengaged the original owner and completed the project on a fast track basis. Each individual guest room was designed to represent a piece of Vermont's history. Rood designed the Chester A. Arthur Room. This room commemorates Arthur's Presidency and his era. The room is reminiscent of the end of the 19th century which is associated with Victorian and Neoclassical styles.

The Pitcher Inn one of the premier inns in the region. Locally, it restores the heart of Warren Village. The original building on the site burned to the ground in 1995. Hundreds of craftsmen and scores of designers were coordinated to produce a building whose every detail was custom made.

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